All of us have those little troublesome problems around the house. Things like a door that won’t close properly, a torn window screen, leaky faucets, or even hanging pictures are problems we can’t or don’t want to do ourselves. This is where TimberTech Construction Handyman Services becomes a savior. We are the team that will come out to your home and fix all of your problems in no time without requiring you to spend an arm and a leg to get it done and done right the first time.

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Reliable, Trusted, and Professional TimberTech Construction Handyman Services is a One call do it all Handyman service that can help save time from the first phone call through project completion. Help with prioritizing major and minor home repairs and multi-tasking work means we complete jobs faster and better than your typical “handyman for hire. You won’t have to interrupt your day, wasting valuable time waiting on TimberTech Construction Handyman Services. Our on-time record is second to none, and we arrive ready to work. For all your major and minor home repair needs, call TimberTech Construction Handyman Services the Trusted Professional.